Information About ACREA

What Is ACREA?
The American Christian Real Estate Association (ACREA) consists of Christians in the Real Estate Industry in the United States that profess a faith in Jesus Christ who desire to integrate their faith, values, ethics, and principles into the Real Estate Industry. We believe that our highest calling in life is to glorify God in everything we do. That means that we have set divine standards for ourselves as we work with our clients, our companies, and our fellow agents. Honesty, Integrity, and Service are our trademark.

In addition to living out the Christian faith in the Real Estate Industry, we also coordinate local Prayer Breakfasts where we gather to fellowship and pray for our clients, each other and the nation.

How Do I Get More Information?
If you would like more information about becoming a member of ACREA or attending our monthly prayer breakfasts please email Aaron Zapata at

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